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Distance learning

UMHS has received approval from our accrediting body to employ distance learning in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Following a full discussion with UMHS Administration, Deans, and the Student Government Association, it is felt that the best way forward is with the following structured plan:

  • The medical school will remain open while delivering courses in an online format
  • All basic science and fifth semester students can currently complete the entirety of their coursework online
  • We are using the following distance learning platforms: Big Blue Button and Zoom. 
  • Quizzes will be cancelled and incorporated into Block and Final examinations.
  • ExamMonitor will provide online examinations. ExamMonitor is an Al-driven remote proctoring solution that continuously observes exam takers with video and audio monitoring throughout the entire exam, eliminating the need for in-person proctoring and providing absolute confidence in the integrity of all your exams. 

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Student and staff safety is our top priority. If you have a question, concern or comment about any health or safety issue, please let us know. 


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COVID resources

Provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, and Johns Hopkins University